Welcome to Golden Egg Recruitment Group |  Call us on 0161 974 7080


Welcome to Golden Egg Recruitment Group |  Call us on 0161 974 7080


Our Story

Our Story

A man had a vision and that man was our founder Benjamin James Kershaw. He jumped on an opportunity to change and shape the UK employment ecosystem. He had the foresight and a desire to alter a world where there was room for obvious improvement, to make it better for all. So that’s what he set out to do.


His love for recruiting started back in 2006 working with Eden Brown. He was quick to spot a trend; because of a surge in the claims industry, call centre jobs were rocketing.


Armed with this knowledge and a desire to set a new precedent, he created Benjamin James Consultancy in 2009. This evolved to become a pioneer in the industry – implementing a flat fee structure for high volume recruiting in call centres. After accelerating quickly and growing exponentially, the company was sold in 2014.


But Benjamin wasn’t done yet. Tweaking his fresh and innovative business model, Golden Egg Recruiting was born.


A unique boutique recruiting consultancy, Golden Egg Recruiting creates golden opportunities from golden moments. Providing high quality recruitment is the overarching ethos, partnering the right people with the right roles. We don't wait for opportunities, we create them. 


We give wings to your career and make the entire process of recruitment easier for you than ever before. We believe that today’s candidate is tomorrow’s client, so managing your expectations with honesty and integrity is paramount to us.


We’re best placed to offer a comprehensive and individual service, from start to finish meeting the needs of job seekers and clients alike. Our ‘Golden’ mission is simple – touching lives by helping people secure their dream role in their dream setting, giving them a career path, they deserve that aligns with their abilities and attributes.


Providing high-quality recruitment remains at the forefront of everything we do at Golden Egg Recruiting. Our quick adaptability to the needs of our clients makes us a reliable job search platform across the entire UK.